Vision, Mission & Values


The Surveillance Studies Centre (SSC) aims to be a leading global hub for research on expanding surveillance practices. Through collaborative and international projects, the SSC promotes multi-disciplinary understanding of a full range of surveillance and the issues raised by its increasing organizational centrality.

Critically engaging the roots and growth of surveillance and “surveillance societies” globally and locally, the SSC tracks general trends as well as national and regional variations in colonial, authoritarian and democratic societies. The SSC provides up-to-date analysis within a community of scholars, seeks appropriate modes of ethical assessment and democratic involvement, raises awareness with the public, and influences policy at every level.

The SSC seeks core funding and research grants to maintain top quality cutting edge studies of surveillance in many contexts. The aim is to be a self-sustaining research unit by 2015. Working with academic, policy and NGO partners we aspire to make a lasting difference in organizational practices, regulatory regimes and everyday lives, by working with other groups, contributing to evaluation and policy and raising awareness.

Mission: The SSC exists to

  • Advance knowledge of state, private sector and informal surveillance
  • Act alongside others as a global clearing house for surveillance research
  • Create an inspiring and supportive research environment
  • Facilitate multi-disciplinary collaboration between its members and beyond
  • Build networks for research sharing, ethical assessment and policy development
  • Host the flagship online journal, Surveillance and Society
  • Pursue a strategic and accessible publishing program
  • Organize cutting edge workshops, seminars and conferences
  • Secure public and private funding to become financially sustainable
  • Provide a welcoming and enabling context for visiting scholars and students
  • Support and mentor students, creating an international alumni network
  • Understand responses to, and contribute to democratic debate on, surveillance
  • Engage in public outreach with a community focus

Values: The SSC is committed to

  • Excellence in research and education
  • Raising new questions, seeking new ideas
  • Cooperation with policy-makers, NGOs and media
  • Special concern for vulnerable groups, locally and globally
  • Training new scholars
  • Collegiality and collaboration in network relationships
  • Open access to research findings
  • Hospitality for all visitors
  • Innovation in research and outreach
  • Respect and inclusivity