Call for Papers -Surv & Society Conference

A Global Surveillance Society?
The Fourth Biannual Surveillance and Society Conference

Supported by the Living in Surveillance Societies (LISS) COST Action and the Surveillance Studies Network

City University London, UK
April 13 – 15, 2010


Surveillance has become a ubiquitous feature of living in the global north, with citizens routinely monitored by a range of sophisticated technologies. Increasing levels of surveillance are typically justified and legitimated by threats of terrorism, fear of crime and disorder, as info/entertainment tools for the curious and through discourses emphasizing public and private service improvement. In spite of this, little is known about the effect of surveillance on individuals, society, the democratic polity, nation states in the developed and developing world, and the evolving nature of humanity.


This conference calls for papers which examine the many facets of surveillance and globality. In particular, we welcome papers which address:

  • Living in the surveillance age
  • Surveillance, difference and discrimination
  • Attitudes and experiences of the watcher and watched
  • The development and diffusion of surveillance technologies
  • Surveillance technology in practice
  • The political economy of surveillance
  • The business of surveillance
  • The surveillance of consumers and workers
  • Public policy, regulation and surveillance
  • The philosophy of surveillance and philosophical perspectives on surveillance
  • Surveillance, intelligence and war
  • Surveillance, sovereignty and the nation state
  • Surveillance and the production of space

Fees and General Information:

This is a non-residential conference and participants will need to make their own arrangements for accommodation (we will provide advice for this in due course). The Conference will be held in and around the Oliver Thompson Lecture Theatre and Foyer, City University London, UK. London is a powerful, global city at the sharp end of surveillance processes, protocols and debates and thus provides delegates with an apt cultural context for the exploration of the above themes.

The conference web site will be up and running from early October 2009 providing full details of the emerging conference programme (i.e. schedule, plenary speakers etc.), maps, accommodation advice, evening dinner information, payment details and an electronic registration form.

The Conference Fee is £200 per person, which includes attendance, refreshments, lunch and an optional £25 two year membership of the Surveillance Studies Network. The membership fee will be used to promote the charitable activities of the Surveillance Studies Network, support the continued publication of the Journal of Surveillance and Society and give other benefits to members.

There will be a formal conference dinner on the evening of April 14th at an additional charge of £50.

Submission of Abstracts and Notification of Attendance:

If you wish to present a paper, please submit your 300 word abstract and an accompanying set of three keywords to Lisa, the conference administrator by November 7th 2009 (email: and please also include the following information so that we can contact you:
• Name
• Country of residence
• Institutional affiliation
• Institutional address
• Telephone number
• Email address
• 300 word abstract and list of three keywords

If you are thinking of attending but do not wish to give a paper, please send us the above information clearly stating that you do not wish to present a paper.

There will be two special issues of Surveillance and Society following this conference. The issues will be spaced to allow time for papers in different states of completion at the conference itself, to be submitted - please see the ‘Event Timetable’ section below. When you submit your abstract, please specify whether you intend to submit your paper to one of these issues.

Postgraduate Info:

We are hoping to offer ten reduced fee places for postgraduate students wishing to give a paper or present a poster display of their research. If you wish to apply for this, please register your interest as soon a possible and send a 300 word abstract to Lisa (or indicate that you wish to present a poster), the conference administrator by 7th November 2009 (email: Allocation of these strictly limited places will be based on the quality of the abstract/research description submitted and not on a first-come-first-served basis.
If you wish to attend, but do not wish to deliver a paper, please indicate this by the November 7th 2009.

Please register your interest NOW!
We look forward to hearing from you.

Dr Gavin Smith
Professor Clive Norris
Dr Kirstie Ball
Dr David Murakami Wood
Dr Will Webster