Call for PhD Applications at U of T

PhD stipends are available in the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto, to work on projects under the supervision of Prof. Andrew Clement, examining the identity, privacy and surveillance implications of new information and communications technologies, and especially digitally mediated practices.

The dissertation research would be conducted in relation to the “New Transparency: Surveillance and Social Sorting” or "Performing Identities" research projects, both funded by SSHRC. The successful applicants will have the opportunity to work with a number of scholars and students associated with the New Transparency project at Queen's University, the University of Victoria, the University of Alberta and the Open University in the UK, as well as those at the University of Toronto affiliated with the Information Policy Research Program (IPRP). Successful applicants will also be expected to contribute to conferences, workshops and on-line fora associated with the New Transparency project. See: /projects/the-new-transparency and

Successful applicants will be eligible for University guaranteed funding to a level of tuition and fees, plus a yearly living allowance ($15,000 for 2008/09). Funding is available for at least four years, with possible partial or full extension to a fifth year. The funding package can be made up from a variety of sources, including teaching and researching assistantships, and students may not receive these stipends while holding a SSHRC doctoral or other major source of income. see:

Applicants must apply for the PhD programme in the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto, and indicate their scholarly interests in surveillance issues. Further information can be found on the Faculty of Information website:

The University deadline for PhD applications is 12 January 2009. Informal enquiries should be made to Andrew Clement (Email: andrew.clement at <>)

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