Dennis Edney to speak at Queen's Law

The Law Students' Society, the Faculty of Law, and the Human Rights Law Association have invited Dennis Edney
to speak at Queen's Law on November 28th from 1:00pm to 2:30pm (room TBA).

Best known for representing Omar Khadr -- the Canadian citizen held at Guantanamo Bay -- Mr. Edney has a reputation for taking on challenging cases, especially where access to a suitable defense on the part of the accused has been called into question. Mr. Edney has an extensive criminal law background, and his past and present clients include alleged Asian gang members, as well as Fahim Ahmad, one of the 18 men arrested in Toronto on terrorism charges in 2006. Mr. Edney has also appeared before the Supreme Court of Canada.

Please find below a link where you can register for the event. Registration is OPTIONAL. Everyone is encouraged to attend, and the registration is only to help predict the size of room we will need, and to update attendees once a room has been selected.