New Book- Schools Under Surveillance

Congratulations to Torin Monahan & Rodolfo D. Torres (editors) on their new book: Schools Under Surveillance: Cultures of Control in Public Education


Schools under Surveillance gathers together some of the very best researchers studying surveillance and discipline in contemporary public schools. Surveillance is not simply about monitoring or tracking individuals and their data—it is about the structuring of power relations through human, technical, or hybrid control mechanisms. Essays cover a broad range of topics including police and military recruiters on campus, testing and accountability regimes such as No Child Left Behind, and efforts by students and teachers to circumvent the most egregious forms of surveillance in public education. Each contributor is committed to the continued critique of the disparity and inequality in the use of surveillance to target and sort students along lines of race, class, and gender.

Praise for Schools Under Surveillance

"Schools under Surveillance raises a set of important and critical questions about how public schools have become one of the most surveilled of contemporary spaces. Monahan and Torres have put together a fine collection of provocative work that captures the essence of these new school accountability regimes."—William G. Staples, author of Everyday Surveillance: Vigilance and Visibility in Postmodern Life

"A fascinating and sophisticated look at the structure of power relations present in the security practices of public education. Focusing on 'the other side' of school safety policies, which typically do not fully consider the effects of various control mechanisms, Schools under Surveillance represents a major addition to the literature that will undoubtedly be of great value to scholars, practitioners, and policy makers alike."—Henry Pontell, University of California, Irvine


Michael W. Apple, Nicole Bracy, Ronnie Casella, John Gilliom, Paul Hirschfield, Andrew Hope, Aaron Kupchik, Tyson Lewis, Pauline Lipman, Richard A. Matthew, Torin Monahan, Lizbet Simmons, Valerie Steeves, Rodolfo D. Torres, Tyler Wall, Jen Weiss