New Book - Security Games

Security Games: Surveillance and Control at Mega-Events

Congratulations to Colin Bennett and Kevin Haggerty on their new book Security Games: Surveillance and Control at Mega-Events, now available from Taylor & Francis. This book is an edited collection of papers from the Surveillance Games workshop organized by The New Transparency Project, held at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver in November 2009.

Mega-events have become occasions for experiments in monitoring people and places. As such, they have become important moments in the development and dispersal of surveillance, as the infrastructure established for mega-events are often marketed as security solutions for the more routine monitoring of people and place. Mega-events, then, now serve as focal points for the proliferation of security and surveillance. They are microcosms of larger trends and processes, through which – as the contributors to this volume demonstrate – we can observe the complex ways that security and surveillance are now implicated in unique confluences of technology, institutional motivations, and public-private security arrangements. As the exceptional conditions of the mega-event become the norm, Security Games: Surveillance and Control at Mega-Events therefore provides the glimpse of a possible future that is more intensively and extensively monitored.

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