New issue of Surveillance & Society out now:

Marketing, Consumption and Surveillance, edited by Jason Pridmore and Detlev Zwick

Surveillance & Society: the international journal of surveillance studies

Out now: Issue 8(3): Marketing, Consumption and Surveillance
edited by Jason Pridmore and Detlev Zwick

Featuring six new articles:

Mark B Andrejevic - Surveillance and Alienation in the Online Economy

Christian Fuchs - Web 2.0, Prosumption, and Surveillance

Andrew McStay - Profiling Phorm: an autopoietic approach to the audience-as-commodity

Vincent Manzerolle and Sandra Smeltzer - Consumer Databases, Neoliberalism, and the Commercial Mediation of Identity: A Medium Theory Analysis

Karl Palmås - Predicting what you'll do tomorrow: Panspectric surveillance and the contemporary corporation

Magalí Murià and Sergio Chávez - Shopping and Working in the Borderlands: Enforcement, Surveillance and Marketing in Tijuana, Mexico

and plenty of film and book reviews...

Coming March/April: a special double issue, A Global Surveillance Society?