New Surv Studies book

New Surveillance Studies book from Polity is now available.

Congratulations to David Lyon on his new book, Surveillance Studies: An Overview, now available from Polity Publishers.

"The book takes in Surveillance Studies in all its breadth, from local face-to-face oversight through technical developments in CCTV, RFID and biometrics to global trends that integrate surveillance systems internationally. Surveillance is understood in its ambiguity, from 'caring' to 'controlling' and the role of 'visibility' of the surveilled is taken as seriously as the powers of observing, classifying and judging.

  • The first ever textbook on the relatively new discipline of Surveillance Studies
  • Written by an internationally renowned scholar and a pioneer of the study of surveillance
  • Draws on a wide range of disciplines, including sociology, media studies, geography and politics, to outline a comprehensive introduction
  • Uses a host of contemporary and effective examples and at the same time gives students the tools to analyze ongoing surveillance trends
  • Clearly written, with pedagogical features such as end of chapter discussion points, a glossary and further reading suggestions"

To order, visit Polity Publishing.