News Series on The Surveillance Society

Don Butler has written a week-long series on the surveillance society in the Ottawa Citizen, involving several members of The New Transparency Project.

See the following stories:

Surveillance Series, Ottawa Citizen 2009 by Don Butler

Part I: A very different world
Since 9/11 the use of close-circuit TV cameras has exploded

Part II: Devil in the details
When it comes to social sorting, you are what you eat, buy, surf, post

Part III: Social networking or social spying?

Part IV: Keeping tabs goes high-tech
More and more, we're spying on each other — and it's getting easier

Part V: You've been targeted
Information gathering has become the stuff of KGB, Gestapo fantasies, privacy experts warn

Part VI: Everyone's watching
A pioneering 'cyborg' says turning the tables - and cameras - on Big Brother is the answer