Online journal needs your help

Please write a letter to help the online journal Surveillance and Society.

Dear Colleagues

The editors of the online journal Surveillance and Society are currently preparing to make
Surveillance and Society a registered charitable company. This will enable
us to give the journal a firm organisational basis and allow us to have a
wider membership with an expanded portfolio of activities involving a
greater number of people.

One of the requirements we have to fulfil to become a charity is to
demonstrate the charitable nature of our activities.

The following would constitute charitable objects:

  • Providing a resource for students and teachers by providing a free source
    of scholarly research and links to information on the nature of
    contemporary surveillance practice
  • Providing a first class resource for scholars and researchers by publishing
    a peer reviewed, internationally recognised journal, which has established
    itself as the leading journal in the field of surveillance studies and
    making it freely available to the academic community and beyond

It would greatly help us if you would be prepared to write some glowing
words about Surveillance and Society confirming that we do indeed meet
these objectives. If you are prepared to, I would ask you do two things:

Email your letter of commendation to c.norris AT

Print your letter out on headed notepaper and send a signed copy to:

Professor Clive Norris,
Surveillance and Society
C/O Department of Sociological Studies
University of Sheffield
Elmfield, Northumberland Road, Sheffield
S10 2TU, UK

Kirstie Ball, Steve Graham, David Lyon, Clive Norris and David
The editors Surveillance and Society. http://www.surveillance-and-