SP Seminar Series

Susan Sproule,
"Defining and Measuring Identity Theft in Canada",
McMaster University,
Thursday, April 26th, 12:30-2:00pm, D-528.

Susan Sproule and Norm Archer have been involved in a program of research on identity theft funded by the Ontario Research Network in Electronic Commerce (ORNEC). This program has brought together researchers from academic fields as diverse as business, law, and computer science, with subject matter experts from both the private and public sectors. This talk will describe the approach that was used to develop a common understanding of the problem domain that could be used by this diverse group of stakeholders. It will also present some preliminary findings from a consumer survey that was conducted in December 2006. The survey was designed to determine the incidence rate and characteristics of identity theft in Canada. It also asked respondents to indicate their acceptance of various measures that consumers, businesses and governments might take to protect personal information from loss or theft.

Everyone welcome!