Summer Seminar 11-15 June 2007

Surveillance Summer Seminar, 11 - 15 June 2007.

The Surveillance Summer Seminar provides an intensive, multi-disciplinary learning experience that addresses key issues of surveillance studies, and in ways that would enhance the participants' own research projects as well as providing a unique national and international networking opportunity.

David Lyon, Professor and Queen's Research Chair,
Department of Sociology, and
Director of The Surveillance Project,
Queen's University, Canada

Kevin Haggerty, Associate Professor of Criminology,
University of Alberta, Canada

Kirstie Ball, Senior Lecturer in Organisation Studies,
The Open University, UK


  • View the preliminary program here

The core of the seminar is group work, each facilitated by a member of seminar faculty. Groups will grapple with key issues in surveillance studies, including issues such as "The researcher as surveillance agent," "Gaining entry into surveillance sites," "Making international comparisons," "Connecting social science with policy and legal fields" and so on. Participants are encouraged to comment, in their statement of interest, on what areas are of particular interest. The rest of the programme is devoted to theoretical, methodological and professional issues, and to open interaction with established scholars in the field. The idea is to "go behind" conference and book performances to discover how and why surveillance researchers do what they do. There will also be discussion of surveillance films, novels, art, music and drama and a look at counter-surveillance movements and activities.

There will be no assessed tasks and no credit for enrolling in the seminar, although a letter confirming your completion of the seminar is available upon request.

The Summer Seminar is limited to 30 participants who are PhD candidates, post-doctoral fellows, and junior faculty. Applicants must submit a 250 word statement of interest and pay a $250 CAD deposit, which will be refunded should the application not be accepted.

Applicants should pursue funding opportunities before submitting their application. The Surveillance Project will award up to three Summer Seminar tuition subsidies to non-Queen's graduate student registrants who can demonstrate financial need. Each subsidy is worth $500 CAD and will be credited to the participant's Summer Seminar tuition. To apply, please send a covering letter along with letters from three other sources demonstrating your inability to secure funding.


  • Summer Seminar $1000 CAD ($250 deposit required with application)
  • ID Cards workshop (optional; available to Summer Seminar participants) $195 CAD

On-campus accommodation in Queen's University's premium student residence, Leggett Hall, is available to all participants. The cost per night is $59.75 CAD plus tax and includes breakfast. Accommodation expenses are NOT included in the registration fees. The Seminar runs June 11-15. Campus accommodation must be booked directly through Queen's University Conference Services at (613) 533-2223 or online: or by email:

For more information, please email surveill at