Surveillance Studies Network Book Prize - Winner Announced

Congratulations to Torin Monahan, whose book Surveillance in the Time of Insecurity is the winner of this year’s inaugural prize!

Professor Monahan’s book is an erudite analysis and critique of a host of ways in which surveillance is now being positioned as a means to advance security. It is a must-read for people in this field.

The Committee was tremendously impressed with both the scope of analysis that is now occurring in the field of Surveillance Studies and also the depth and rigor of the work that was evaluated.

The short-list of books considered by the Committee were:

  • Peter Adey, Aerial Life: Spaces. Mobilities, Affects (John Wiley and Sons)
  • Matt Hannah, Dark Territory in the Information Age: Learning from the West German Census Controversies of the 1980s (Ashgate)
  • Sean P. Hier, Panoptic Dreams: Streetscape Video Surveillance in Canada (University of British Columbia Press)
  • Armand Mattelart, The Globalization of Surveillance (Polity Press)
  • Torin Monahan, Surveillance in a Time of Insecurity (Rutgers University Press)
  • Joseph Pugliese, Biometrics: Bodies, Technologies, Biopolitics (Routledge)
  • Craig Robertson, The Passport in America: The History of a Document (Oxford University Press)

The Committee is constituted annually, and consists of two members of the Editorial Advisory Board of Surveillance & Society, this year, Professors Priscilla Regan (George Mason University) and John Gilliom (Ohio University), and is chaired by the S&S Book Review Editor, Kevin D. Haggerty (University of Alberta).