Virtual Conference: "A Neurotech Future: Ethical, Legal & Policy Perspectives"

A Neurotech Future
A Neurotech Future

The Surveillance Studies Centre is proud to announce our upcoming multi-disciplinary conference ‘A Neurotech Future: Ethical, Legal and Policy Perspectives’, co-organized with the Center for Neuroscience Studies and Faculty of Law at Queen’s University.

This virtual, inter-disciplinary conference will take place on April 22nd and 23rd, 2021, and will bring together academics from fields such as neuroscience, surveillance studies, philosophy, law, and policy studies. Over a series of panels and workshops, we will explore the possibilities and limitations of the contemporary neurotechnological moment, and discuss the concerns that emerge at the intersection of these disciplines.

The second panel on Day 1, titled ‘Neurotechnology, Surveillance and Data Privacy’, will be chaired by Dr. David Lyon, will feature an exciting set of panelists: Dr. David Murakami Wood, Dr. Catherine Stinson, Dr. Jason Gallian, and Dr. Brenda McPhail. On Day 2, we will also have a dedicated SSC workshop that will reflect more broadly on the cross-disciplinary dimensions of neurotechnology today, and open the conversation for potential research trajectories along the intersections of neurotechnology and surveillance studies at Queen’s.

To register for the conference, and explore the agenda and our panelists, check out our conference website, and our twitter handle.


Read more about it in the Queen's Gazette:

"Designing Canada’s neurotech future", By Kayla Dettinger, Research Promotion Coordinator, The Queen's Gazette, April 1, 2021.

"Join Queen’s researchers and representatives from industry, government, and NGOs as they collaborate to solve the technological, ethical, legal, and policy issues of the latest tech focused on our brains, neurotechnology."