Adam Molnar

Adam Molnar has spent over a decade researching, teaching, and consulting on developments in security and privacy, particularly in the areas of policing, national security, and public safety. He specializes in integrated governmental initiatives and the privacy and security benefits and challenges that follow.

His professional research examines a range of organizational developments and technologies, such as identity management systems in Canada, cross-border data management practices, integrated public-private security partnerships, police engagements with social media, public video surveillance, responses to disaster management, and the links between digital surveillance and national security. Through his work, Mr. Molnar has developed a trusted rapport with a range of government institutions, policing organizations, media, and public advocacy organizations.

Adam has published journal articles, book chapters, and policy reports, and he regularly presents his research domestically and further abroad.

New affiliation:

Adam Molnar
Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology & Legal Studies
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada