Jason Pridmore

Department of Sociology, Queen's University, Canada (PhD completed 2008)

2008- Jason Pridmore is interested in the intersection of new forms of technology and its relationship to personal identity. His PhD dissertation focused on loyalty programs in Canada as a form of consumer surveillance. This research specifically focuses on how the integration of consumer data into databases affects consumer behaviour and how the practices of developing these monitoring techniques is altered in relation to consumers. This work connects the marketing practices of corporations as a form of 'commercial sociology' with the responses of consumers to these programs. As a form of surveillance, loyalty programs are seen as both shaped by consumers and also serving to shape the consumer's consumption patterns. Jason is the contributing author on surveillance of consumers and consumption for the report on the surveillance society commissioned by the British Information Commissioner. Read more about his work here.


Post SSC: Dr. Jason Pridmore, Associate Professor Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication, Department of Media and Communicatio, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


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