Markus Uhlmann

Visiting Student, PhD Candidate, Department of Sociological Theory, University of Kassel, Germany

Markus Uhlmann is a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociological Theory at the University of Kassel, Germany. As a member of the interdisciplinary Doctoral College "Privacy and Trust for Mobile Users", he is concerned with online social network sites (OSNs) and their ambivalent socio-technical dynamics of privacy and trust. In this context, his research regards privacy and trust in OSNs from a sociological perspective as being part of a larger socio-technical infrastructure. By analyzing this infrastructure and crosscheking it with practices and regulatory approaches of privacy and trust in other areas of society, his doctoral thesis aims at furthering alternative regulatory approaches for privacy protection in OSNs as well as interdisciplinary dialog on creating digital trust infrastructures. Markus studied sociology and economics in Kassel.