Sidewalk Labs

SSC Seminar Series: Joe Berridge, joint seminar with the School of Urban and Regional Planning and Department of Geography and Planning

Sidewalk Labs, Toronto and City Building

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

12:30 – 2 pm

Mackintosh Corry Hall E230


How do cities innovate? The way our buildings and streets are built, our transport and utility systems are managed, and our living, working and public spaces are designed, has not changed much in over a century. Sidewalk Labs comprehensively disruptive proposal for the innovative development of...

Is Sidewalk Labs doing enough to protect privacy? No

By David Murakami Wood and Bianca Wylie , Aug. 28, 2018, Opinion, Toronto Star. Before we answer the question of whether Sidewalk Labs is doing enough to protect privacy, we have to ask what Sidewalk Labs is up to in Toronto in the first place. Read more.

Sidewalk Labs’ Toronto waterfront tech hub must respect privacy, democracy

By Andrew Clement, Opinion, The Toronto Star , January 12, 2018

Sidewalk Toronto can potentially set an exemplary standard for digital governance with its experimental Quayside neighbourhood. But the project should proceed no further than its planning period if it cannot achieve basic principles of organizational responsiveness, transparency and accountability. Read More...