Video: Beyond Big Data Surveillance

ON VIDEO—Beyond Big Data Surveillance: Freedom and Fairness: Canadian MPs, Privacy Commission and Civil Liberties representatives, along with academic experts, discuss key points from the report. Each of 5 videos is just over 6 minutes long, neatly capturing vital takeaways from the May 2022 BDS Ottawa conference on surveillance today. The first addresses the Big Picture and the others, “Lopsided Surveillance,” “Tangled Surveillance,” “Inadequate Instruments,” and “Exposed Groups.”

These are excellent discussion-starters about surveillance today—especially using smartphones—for use in high schools, colleges, universities, workplaces, labour unions, and community groups of all kinds. And of course, representatives of such groups can refer to the Report (Français) itself for further detail and relevant readings.

The Big Picture

Lopsided Surveillance

Tangled Surveillance

Inadequate Instruments

Exposed Groups