The New Transparency Project (2008-2105) was based at Queen’s University with nodes at the University of Alberta, University of Victoria, University of Toronto and the Open University (UK).

Principal Investigator: David Lyon

Co-investigators: Arthur Cockfield, Laureen Snider, Kevin Haggerty, Colin Bennett, Andrew Clement and Kirstie Ball. Each of the Integrated Research Sub-Projects was led by specified co-investigators, who were paired with collaborators, partners, stakeholders, postdoctoral fellows and students in research teams to establish and carry out research goals.

The team was comprised of 33 scholars from 9 countries, 9 disciplines and 20 different universities, representing a commonality of purpose and diversity of background, discipline and nationality. As well as a shared commitment to this project, members brought high-level complementary expertise, and a desire to work collaboratively on what were simultaneously some of the most intellectually stimulating and politically urgent questions of our day.


Project Partners