Jens Hälterlein; Visiting Post-doctoral Researcher; Freiburg University; Germany

Jens Hälterlein

Visiting Post-doctoral Researcher from the Centre for Security and Society at Freiburg University (Germany)


Jens Hälterlein is a visiting post-doctoral researcher from the Centre for Security and Society at Freiburg University (Germany). He obtained his PhD from Jena University with work on the governmentalities of consumption. Since then, he has worked in several research projects on technologies of (in)security, ranging from algorithmic video surveillance to social media applications in emergency and disaster management. His broader interest is in the technological performativity of securitization. Having a background in Sociology, his research draws from Surveillance Studies, STS, Critical Security Studies, and Governmentality Studies. He is at the SSC for March and April 2018.

SSC Seminar Series: Jens Hälterlein (Post-doctoral Researcher, Centre for Security and Society, Freiburg University, Germany)

Social physics, risk spaces and big data: epistemologies of predictive policing

March 28th

12:30 to 2:00 pm

Mackintosh-Corry Hall, Room D411


The lecture addresses three different approaches to predictive policing in order to discuss their epistemologies and their performativity as a means of knowledge production, labelling of criminal subjects and intelligence-led policing. The first approach is based on criminological routine activity theory. By analysing...