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sava saheli singh

Dr. sava saheli singh
Dr. sava saheli singh

eQuality-Scotiabank Postdoctoral Fellow, AI and Surveillance, University of Ottawa AI + Society Initiative, Canada

sava saheli singh is the eQuality-Scotiabank Postdoctoral Fellow in AI and Surveillance at the University of Ottawa AI + Society Initiative. With The eQuality Project, sava saheli singh is working on a research project that examines how teachers use learning technologies in their practice and how this has been impacted by COVID-19. As a fellow with the AI + Society Initiative, sava saheli singh will produce a short, near future, fiction film focused on the issues around the use of AI and algorithmic decision making in the context of educational technology. This film will be the fourth in the award-winning Screening Surveillance series, a public education and knowledge translation project that calls attention to the potential human consequences of big data surveillance. sava saheli singh co-produced the first three films as a postdoctoral fellow with the Surveillance Studies Centre at Queen’s University in Kingston.

sava held a postdoctoral fellowship with the Big Data Surveillance partnership project, working with Valerie Steeves, Department of Criminology at the University of Ottawa (2019-2021) and was fellow with the Surveillance Studies Centre (January 2018 to June 2019), working on an OPC-funded knowledge translation project for the Big Data Surveillance project, successfully launching three films in the screening surveillance film series: Blaxites, A Model Employee and Frames. She completed her PhD in 2017 from New York University's Educational Communication and Technology program. her dissertation, titled "Academic Twitter: Pushing the Boundaries of Traditional Scholarship", addresses how 21st century academics negotiate their professional identities as a complex form of emotional, intellectual, and academic labor and the ways in which this helps and hinders their academic and personal lives. As an interdisciplinary scholar, her current research interests include educational surveillance; digital labour and surveillance capitalism; restorative justice and abolition; speculative fiction; and critically examining the effects of technology and techno-utopianism on society.

Twitter: @savasavasava

Welcome Postdoc Dr. Sachil Singh

Dr. Sachil Singh has been appointed the new post-doctoral fellow at the SSC, starting January 1, 2020. He will be collating research findings from all three streams of the SSHRC-funded Big Data Surveillance (BDS) research project, led by Professor David Lyon, and will play a major role in organizing a final research conference, to take...

Tommy Cooke

Dr. Tommy Cooke
Dr. Tommy Cooke

Post-doctoral Fellow, Surveillance Studies Centre, Queen's University, Canada

As SSHRC Post-doctoral Fellow, Tommy is leading a long-term multidisciplinary collaboration that brings computer scientists and social scientists together to empirically record and critically analyze the lifecycle of location metadata on smartphones.

Supervised by Dr. David Lyon, “A Day in the Life of Metadata” (ADITLOM) involves multiple sub-projects:

The first reverse-engineers of the creation, transformation, and commodification of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) raw measurements.

The second involves the creation of new interactive data visualization software that allows instructors, students, civil society, and privacy advocates to virtually navigate the operating system of an Android smartphone to see how location metadata moves and changes with each algorithm that they interact with.

The third sub-project, called “Big Data Exposed: What Smartphone Metadata Reveals About Users” (BDE) is an experiment that traces how third-party Mobile Location Analytics companies collect smartphone location data to build and subsequently sell traveler and consumer profiles of the residents of Kingston to corporations and governments during the pandemic. Supported by funding awarded by Queen’s University’s Wicked Ideas competition, BDE runs in partnership with the City of Kingston to promote data ethics, privacy, and justice awareness about how their smartphone data is being targeted by companies across the globe for public health, entertainment, and profit purposes. 

With Dr. David Lyon, Tommy co-instructed SOCY 429 Pandemic Surveillance for the Department of Sociology, and is also a Course Designer for the Faculty of Engineer’s Ingenuity Labs. Tommy is also host of the What’s That Noise?! Podcast, which can be heard on Spotify and Apple Music.

Contact: tommy.cooke [at] queensu [dot] ca

Twitter: @whatsthatdata

Alix Johnson

Professor Alix Johnson
Professor Alix Johnson

Post-doctoral Fellow, Queen's University, Canada (2017-2018)

Alix Johnson is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Sociology at Queen’s University, affiliated with the Surveillance Studies Centre. She earned her PhD in 2018 at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where her research traced the emerging data center industry in Iceland as a lens on questions of sovereignty, national identity, and imperial power. Her next project investigates technologies of surveillance and nation in the increasingly securitized Arctic North.