Privacy Risk

Jorge Campos

Dr. Jorge Campos
Dr. Jorge Campos

PhD Candidate, University of St. Andrews, UK

Jorge Campos just completed his PhD in Management at the University of St. Andrews, supervised by Dr. Kirstie Ball. His thesis was entitled 'The Dynamics of Data Donation: Privacy Risk, Mobility Data, and the Smart City’. He was examined by Dr. Priscilla Regan and Dr. Fergus Neville. He is now working as a Postdoc/Lecturer with Jason Pridmore at Erasmus University Rotterdam and looking at privacy implications of smart cities and tech applications in smart cities.

Jorge obtained his Bachelor’s from the Polytechnic of Porto (Portugal) and a Master’s from the University of Leeds in Consumer Analytics and Marketing Strategy. His Master’s thesis explored the trust-building process between influencers and audience making an interesting connection between certain psychological phenomena and consumer behaviour. Jorge is connected to the SSC researching the dynamics of data donation and how consumers resist big data innovations. His current research interests are, however not limited to, marketing intelligence, strategic marketing, big data and consumer behaviour. Furthermore, he is actively involved in consultancy projects, having consulted for a number of high profile companies such as Coca-Cola, Under-Armour, ASDA and MyProtein. He was also involved in tutoring and teaching at undergraduate level at the University of St. Andrews.