Blaxites is a film that follows the story of a young woman whose celebratory social media post affects her access to vital medication. Her attempts to circumvent the system leads to even more dire consequences.

Written by Nehal El-Hadi

Produced by Josh Lyon and sava saheli singh

Directed by Josh Lyon

(Content warning for mental health, anxiety.)

We've put together a facilitator guide and a media pack that you can download and use for educational purposes. The facilitator guide will help guide discussion and learning about privacy, big data, and social media. The media pack contains gifs, stills, and a movie poster which you can use to support discussion. 

Transcripts are available in English (Canada), French (Canada), Japanese, Polish and Portuguese (Brazil) in YouTube. On the left hand side under the film window, go to ... and select 'open transcript'. Use the down arrow to select one of these languages.