Credits & Contact


  • Screenplay by: Nehal El-Hadi
  • Directed and Produced by: Josh Lyon

A Model Employee

  • Screenplay by: Tim Maughan
  • Directed and Produced by: Leila Khalilzadeh


  • Screenplay by: Madeline Ashby
  • Directed and Produced by: Farhad Pakdel

Project Conceptualized and Produced by: sava saheli singh
Creative Consultant: Clarke Mackey

Surveillance Studies Centre, Queen’s University

  • Director: David Lyon
  • Executive Committee: David Murakami Wood
  • Research Associate: Emily Smith
  • Project Administrator: Joan Sharpe

Thanks to

The SSC Community of PhD Students, collaborators, partners, and supporters, especially:

  • Valerie Steeves
  • Rafael Evangelista
  • Jens Hälterlein
  • Asako Takano
  • Tommy Cooke
  • Debra Mackinnon
  • Richard S. Ascough
  • Sharday C. Mosurinjohn
  • Tracy Y. Zhang


For press and interviews, please contact:

If you would like us to present a screening with Q&A, or run a workshop for your class, organization, or group, please send an email to with details such as location, number of people, budget, etc., and we will see what we can do.

Please let us know if you screen or use one or more of the films in your university, school, or organization. Also, feel free to share any resources that you have created for teaching the films. We would like to include those here for others to use. Send a message on our contact us page, with the title 'Screening Surveillance'.